About Us

First of all, welcome to Trampoline Finder. Since you are here, you must be thinking of getting a new trampoline. After all, they are the rage these days, and not just among kids. Imagine how fun it would be to have a mini-trampoline where you can exercise each morning! Maybe you are already imagining it, and that’s why you are here. Or maybe you are just looking for the right parts for the one at home, that doesn’t seem to be the same for the last couple of months. And you are probably trying to plow through hundreds of product reviews and survive all the marketing traps out there to get what you need. That’s where we want to come in.

At Trampoline Finder, we just want to help you through all the steps that will lead you to the perfect trampoline that was meant for you. And since getting the trampoline is not the end of the road, we’ll be there for you to find the proper replacement parts and accessories too. Our team includes trampoline ‘experts’, as well as people who just love the fun trampolines stand for, literally. And this makes it possible for us to keep a balance between thinking about the practicality of a product, while also giving priority to the potential for enjoyment because, let’s be honest, that’s what matters most.